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Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark radio music hall lighting design appreciation

In Denmark Copenhagen Denmark radio music hall is the world's most expensive music hall, located on the island of Amager district as a theta in restad. During the day, the blue crust is like a giant cube cube cage, and the concert hall is like a meteorite suspended in it. In the evening, the skin turns the building into an opaque glowing blue box. Thanks to 21000m2's projection on the fiberglass exterior, all Copenhagen can share the show in the concert hall. The solid shape with a huge amount of body (96m long, 5 8m wide, 45 m high) makes other buildings on the island are eclipsed. The projection outer skin on the active atmosphere continue to create indoor. Into the hall, the audience will instinctively look up to the 300m2 star, which is composed of 1600 LED. Dynamic light is the key to control the hall and the facade of the building. In the hall, a diffuse light color rectangular lamps in the elephant dance on the wall of concrete. This color rectangular symbol, called "concrete light", is customized for this project, throughout the hall space and office buildings. Music hall can accommodate 1800 seat main service in the classical concert. Custom - made, asymmetric, light - buried underground light is projected onto the 15 boxes and wooden cladding. In the construction of a wooden surface, the installation of lamps near the wall, in order to reflect the texture of the wood and the formation of soft shadows. In the center of the center of the acoustic board installed on the indirect halogen tungsten lamp to add a uniform level of smallpox. A series of backlight band to create natural light effect. The stage light is installed between each acoustic plate. All lighting device concert hall can be controlled individually or in groups. When people sit in the hall, the hall light evenly to facilitate positioning. After the concert, the light naturally gathered in the place where the band played, and other parts of the light gradually turned into a candle mode. A good set of scenarios, you can call at any time as needed. The overall atmosphere in the space is determined by light and material, because almost all of the wood is illuminated by indirect lighting. Lighting is fully integrated into the building, which is in stark contrast to the hall of light. The concept of lighting 3 small studio is static light, at number 3 in the studio, the main use of black decorative surface smooth, rectangular diffuse light board is installed on the wall surface, reminiscent of the piano keys, direct lighting has symbolic significance. Smallpox in the form of a small halogen tungsten light spots, the audience seats 200 musicians from relatively close, the overall atmosphere of cordial and cheerful. The same concept applies to the area of the 4 studio, the red room is mainly used for choral concerts and chamber music. There are nearly 500 seats in Studio 2, which includes a stage light that is carefully installed in the slot. Ambient light is provided by a diffuse chandelier, a root cable hanging down from the ceiling as if they were only temporarily there. This gives the space a sense of ease, although the professional jazz and choral concerts here are far more than just that.

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