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The United States of Dallas Bill and Margot Winspear opera lighting design appreciation

Bill and Margot Winspear Opera House (Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House AT&T) is a part of the Performing Arts Center, located in the downtown Dallas art district. The building designed by Foster + Partners firm, unveiled to the world for the first time in October 2009, the architect Norman Foster hope that through this design, redefine twenty-first Century opera, he said: "the architectural creation of the project, to provide real popular experience for the opera in twenty-first Century. We hope that the audience from the foot of the outdoor plaza, to the opening of the opera, there is a kind of intuitive feeling, glowing red glass drum shaped space is the core of the whole AT&T performing arts center. "In order to make the opera to the audience, embodies the essence of the city public building, designed to break the traditional limit, at 60 feet (about 18.29m) of the whole glass lounge above a sun roof, which greatly enhanced the transparency of the building, make it become a amiable and easy of approach architecture. The ceiling is covered by the public space formed microclimate environment cool, sliding glass plate vertical from the East facade of the building is completely removed, the cafes and restaurants are fully expanded, thereby improving the seamless transition of inside and outside space. Behind the glass curtain wall, a series of public gathering spaces surround the brightly lit 2200 red drum shaped auditorium. The staircase extends along the wall of the drum, connecting all the rest rooms, providing a space for the audience to stay, talk and see. The drum wall was divided into 4 successive layers of the balcony, the audience can move horizontally in each layer in the balcony. In order to make the audience closer to the stage, stage and balcony distance of only 85 feet (about 25 91m), sound carefully designed because the audience hall compact has been improved. The balcony on the facade of platinum polished material inside the dark red tone backdrop, further enhance its affinity. Before each performance, the two big rings will fall like the fall of the formation of 320 acrylic chandelier chandelier into the auditorium ceiling. There is no doubt that the flashing LED central chandelier is one of the most talked about content in the opera house, which was designed by Claude R (C1aude R. Engle Lighting Consultant). Here the stage lighting system management, 44 to boom lifting and lowering 320 acrylic tubes, each boom control cable 7 - 8, as the curtain slowly closed, the chandelier retracted into the ceiling. The benefit of this system is that through the cable with hundreds of switches, the formation of infrastructure technology, can provide long-term and stable support for the day after. In addition to the professional stage lighting technology, the entire building lighting design also makes it the most beautiful scenery in Dallas night scene. Drum shaped space in the evening burst out a striking red sheen, indoor lighting through the reflection of the glass curtain wall, reflecting the magic of Dallas city atmosphere. From this point of view, lighting design not only successfully achieved the concept of architectural design, and a good contrast to the unique temperament of the city of Dallas. Bill and Margot Winspear opera house burst out of the outdoor public space of bright red gloss opera at night, geometric landscape and opera white full of red drum appearance full glass hall side by side enhanced the transparency of the building behind the glass screen a series of public gathering spaces around the glass auditorium in the 2200 red drum around bright in order to make the audience closer to the stage, stage and balcony distance of only 85 feet (about 25.91m), sound carefully designed because the audience hall has been improved compact 320 acrylic tubes LED chandelier can lift, Argentina artist Gouremer Quitka (GuillermoKuitca) the design of the curtain for the stage charming

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