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Oslo Norway song theater lighting design appreciation

The new Oslo opera house, located on the coast of the Gulf of Oslo, was officially opened to the public in April 2008. It has put forward the integration of the 3 elements in architectural design: "wave wall", "factory" and "carpet"". The early selection of the 3 materials corresponds to the 3 basic elements: a very thin texture of Italy marble as the edge of the floor, "wave wall" to choose the wood material, "factory" to select the metal material. In the course of the design of the fourth elements have been added, that is to make the whole building looks transparent glass material. The construction of the facade of the huge glass skin so that the main space can have the sun's light, the evening when the room lights lit, the building will show the effect of lanterns. Is the best choice of low iron glass architects, can make the light irradiation completely without loss into the indoor hall. The main Opera Hall has nearly 1400 seats, artificial lighting hall mainly from the installation in the oval acoustic reflector top architects to design crystal chandelier. The chandelier is 8 5m long and 7m in diameter. It is made up of 5800 hand blown crystal glass elements that make up a total of 1250 units of light reflecting the entire space in a soft diffused light. The brightness of the crystal lamp can be controlled by the light of the week, and the horizontal illuminance of the seat height is about 300lx. Huge crystal chandelier using LED technology, each LED unit contains 6 LED light source, power consumption 12W. Thanks to the innovative ultra-thin layer, so that the new LED light source is much brighter than the traditional. Such a large number of LED units are tightly packed together, requiring a special heat sink solution. Through the simulation of the thermal environment, the designer developed a high-performance passive flow system, thereby improving the life of each small light source to 70 thousand hours. In order to ensure that the area around the space can be evenly lit, OSRAM has developed a custom linear LED lighting device. The space atmosphere of the hall and other public areas of the abstract and simple clearly passed the architects see the light but not light "concept, which means that the use of indirect lighting means a lot, at the same time hall to the metal halide light, with some dramatic lighting LED. Therefore, the clothes rack in the cloakroom is equipped with a LED lighting device used to illuminate the lower ceiling in the space, and provide the appropriate functional lighting through the two reflection. In the inner and outer epidermis of the circulation area, no one is illuminated at will. The surface of the pedestrian area is also hidden with a horizontal light, such as a staircase and a promenade. On the basis of the concept of sustainable design, architects believe that low voltage halogen lamps and ordinary fluorescent lamps is not the best choice, so the use of a large number of halogen light source and a large number of LED devices can be seen everywhere in the building. LED in which not only played the role of foil atmosphere, but also to solve some of the problems of functional lighting. In public spaces, the use of linear and compact fluorescent lamps. Integrating lighting into other interior decorative elements is another principle that is particularly evident in public spaces. As mentioned earlier in the cloakroom and bathroom, the use of a large number of hidden lighting. From the artistic perspective, Olafur Eliasson (Olafur Eliasson) perforation skin design and hidden from the LED light source which makes the entire wall looks full of rhythm, green and white light changes in rhythm. Horlaville Eliasson (Olafur Eliasson) was invited to 4 independent bathroom space to accommodate the skin design. Hide the LED perforation wall slowly appears green epidermis alternating with white, inspired by glaciers and crystal Oslo opera face with different natural light changes with the combination of light, color and atmosphere. This is the only Nordic people know how to enjoy a freedom: according to different situations there are numerous ways to express themselves. The basic situation is a change in the choice of materials, different materials in light of the different characteristics of reflection surface according to different light conditions and materials, in the atmosphere are also changing. One of the main principles of the design is to make the interior space more acceptable to the natural light. No direct sunlight natural space architect for the selection of indirect lighting light, avoid direct light to see like this with the LED device for ambient lighting is a new attempt. Crystal chandelier shape is undoubtedly a challenge ahead. LED device theater part around the same used special custom functional lighting even the bathroom also has exciting interior design and lighting environment quality. The design of the circulation area is not inferior to the main space

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