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Appreciation of lighting technology in China's Ningxia

Ningxia is the largest gathering place of the Hui nationality in china. Ningxia Cultural Park is one of the 4 major tourist destinations in Ningxia. It is the only scenic spot to show and carry forward the national culture of Hui nationality. In the park, the museum is the only one that shows the formation and development history of the Hui nationality. The height of the building is 28 meters. The building surface is very simple, pure color, lines are very agile, the whole landscape is the magnificent atmosphere. The lighting in the upper member has abundant texture under the eaves, making the whole landscape spot, also shows the wonderful architectural details, and make sense of the whole level of the landscape be taken into account. Ceremonial hall is the main venue for the ceremony, the building height of 47 8m, the use of light to better reflect the characteristics of the building itself. Chinese Hui Culture Garden etiquette Hall Chinese Hui Culture Garden Museum

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