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China Guangdong Science Center lighting design art appreciation

The Guangdong Science Center in the design of its architect heart is a fall in the water of the kapok. In the eyes of the lighting designer, it is just a huge aquatic monster climbed ashore. Lighting is the focus of attention is to show itself clean. To find a suitable location and lamps, get the appropriate brightness and distribution, is the lighting design. These important relationships are based on the light and shadow of natural light. Another important thing is to make sure that the water is not disturbed by lighting. Out of the complex technical problems, the following three things are the most important. First, the results of the lighting to make the building from inside to outside and to the environment together. Especially with the sky. Therefore, the lower part of the building space, the inner light, aluminum wall and sky brightness and color to form a proper relationship. And the owners of the original imagination and demand is not the same, the building and the sky at the junction of the building is relatively dark place. It is darker than the evening sky, brighter than the dark night sky. And he's blue in the blue sky. Such a state of the building and the sky is always accompanied by mild. In the space near the surface of the water, the amazing light makes many people doubt. For such questions lighting designers do not answer, but I think it should be very bright. Second, the lighting design includes two stages, the stage of the drawings and the stage after the installation of the lamp. Debugging is another design that is often more important than the design on paper, or at least as important. There is a huge difference between the image before and after the adjustment. Dimming work carried out a week, every night. Third, most of the photos shown here are taken in the early hours of 5: 30-5: 40, which is the most beautiful time for the monster. In the light of that time, the Guangzhou street lights every morning at 5: 30 closed. Fortunately, there is a more appropriate contrast between the brightness of the sky and the lighting. So we can see the clean building. Not in the evening. Although the same wonderful skylight, but the image of the street lamp into the construction of the glass curtain, dirty piece. Poor road lighting has become a cancer of urban lighting. With such absolute as an excuse to use low light source color and almost no light interception, high illumination level and misfits and energy-saving, brought to the city light pollution and poor city night landscape. The relationship between lower space, building within the light, aluminum wall and sky brightness and color should be formed to a proper extent the (left) near the water space, amazing bright (right) entrance veranda

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