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Walking Philadelphia -- a perfect urban lighting planning

In order to get a better understanding of the city lighting in Philadelphia, we visited Mr. Charles Orpitz. Mr. Orr Pits has worked for many years in Philadelphia's electricity bureau and has been involved in urban lighting planning and management.

After explaining to him what we were doing, he immediately said, "let me get a copy of the Philadelphia City Lighting Guide.". "

It happened to rain that day. We took advantage of the time we were waiting for Mr. Orr Pits in the lobby of the hotel and listened to a lecture on the lighting of the city of Philadelphia. After that, he drove his car. We all got into the car and drove down the street. The car is parked in the center of the city hall to start from the north and south of the main street. On both sides of the street banks, securities and insurance companies next to a house, 30 meters wide street, there may be no shops and entertainment grounds, to the very few pedestrians at night. However, the streets are very bright. Measured by the illumination of 50 lux illumination meter. Under normal circumstances, the degree of illumination of street lighting is determined by the traffic and the speed of the car. Even a relatively bright highway, but also the illumination of 15 lux. As a general street lighting, the illumination here is really quite high.

It can be seen from the orange light of the street light that the high-pressure sodium lamp. Moreover, the color is also very good, this is due to a slight diversion of red. We also tested the color palette. On the other hand, the light of the 16 kinds of test body is observed with the flashlight.

The result of the test is that the green color is higher, the green is a kind of bright color of beautiful light, the street will be angry.

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