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Unforgettable night scene in Philadelphia, the independent spirit of city lighting

In the second half of the seventeenth Century, Wiliam Pere, then a Quaker, chose to ascend the American continent in Philadelphia in search of a place to live in peace with the persecuted Catholics in England. 1701 annual urban construction city, in 1776 issued a declaration of independence, thus opening the prelude to the history of the United states. Until 1800, Philadelphia has been the capital of United States of America, and as an opportunity to get rapid development.

From the perspective of the history of lighting, Europe was in the era of gas lamps. In 1804, the first gas plant was built in london. Since then, the gas lights will appear in various cities in europe.

Philadelphia has yet to retain an old city, can be found at the time of the use of gas lamps. Gas lights in today's no matter what can no longer bear the heavy responsibility of urban lighting, but as a historical relic still has a high value of preservation. If you compare the history of the founding of the United States and the history of lighting technology, you will find that the modern American city of Zhao Mingzheng started from Philadelphia.

Although other cities in the United States occasionally see gas lights, but unlike the European cities, it is only the embellishment of the city, in order to express people's nostalgia.

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