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Basic concepts and definitions of power systems

Electric energy is an important energy source for modern people's production and life. It provides energy for industry, agriculture, transportation and social life. Electrical energy is readily converted from other forms of energy, and is easily converted to other forms of energy for use. The transmission and distribution of electric energy is simple, economical, easy to control, adjust and measure. Therefore, electric energy has been widely used in various fields of social production and all aspects of social life. Building power supply and distribution refers to the supply and distribution of electrical energy required for building. Most of the Shenzhen lighting engineering is needed by the public power system, so it is necessary to understand the basic knowledge of power system. Power system is a power generation, power network and power users composed of a power generation, transmission, distribution and power of the whole. The following figure shows the composition of the power system. Electric power system of all levels of voltage lines and their associated substation. Power network is an important part of power system. The lighting design of the electric power network is to transmit electric energy from the power plant to the users.

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