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Components of power system

1 power plant

A power plant is a plant that produces electrical energy, which converts electrical energy into electrical energy. There are many kinds of power plants, which can be divided into thermal power plant, hydro power plant and nuclear power plant. In addition, wind, geothermal, tidal, solar and other power plants.

2 Transformer Substation

The substation is the place where the electric energy, the voltage and the electric energy are distributed. Distribution is only used to receive and distribute electric energy, do not assume the task of changing the voltage, is only the electricity, power distribution equipment and no power transformers.

The transformer substation can be divided into two categories: step-up substation and step-down substation. The task of the step-up substation is to convert the low voltage to high voltage to facilitate the transmission of electrical energy. The task of the step-down substation is to convert the high voltage to a reasonable voltage level, usually located near the center of the power load. According to the difference of the position and function in the power system, the step-down substation can be divided into the substation and the substation. A building substation or a building power distribution station is generally built inside a building.

3 power lines

Power transmission line. Due to various types of power plants built in the abundant natural resources, from the Shenzhen lighting power users is far from the power line so they need a variety of different voltage levels, the power generation electric energy source factory production continuously transported to the power users. The role of the power line is the transmission of electrical energy, and power plants, substations and power users connected.

Power lines are divided into transmission lines and distribution lines according to their uses and voltage levels. The voltage is above 35kV and the power line is called the transmission line; the voltage of 10kV and below is called the distribution line. Power lines can be divided into overhead lines and cable lines according to their erection methods, and can be divided into AC and DC lines according to the types of transmission current. 4 power users

Electric power user. In the power system, all the electricity consumption of electricity equipment are called power users. Shenzhen lighting design of electrical equipment according to their use can be divided into power electrical equipment (such as motors), electrical equipment (such as electrolytic process, electroplating, smelting, welding, heat treatment, etc.), electrical equipment (such as electric furnace, drying box, air conditioner etc.), lighting electrical equipment and test electrical equipment, they convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, heat and light and other forms, to meet the different needs of production and life.

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