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Viewing the lighting design level of Taiwan from the night lighting in Kaohsiung

The building is located in the love river, located in the core of excellent location, in this case the use of light and shadow, to render the building and mountains, sea and river port, the gentle dialogue, architecture and light scale and perfect combination of Love River Street and adjacent buildings, the formation of "Twin Towers" situation, in order to create the aesthetic formation of urban city peak. Landmark.

The building for the city water of life "in love", for the city of Kaohsiung canal sea, broad vision and just in the important traffic hub of the.

The appearance of the building using DALI lighting control system to control the cold cathode tube during periods of change, using cold cathode tube color is as high as 90, let more natural light, usually only 15% of the brightness to reduce the use of electricity, let the dimmer fade time as such to consider building space and time sense of rhythm man and nature, to resonate. In the floor of the appearance of the arch window depression, the use of vertical beam CDM-70W projection lamp for the design of the landmark building lighting, color temperature for the warm color 3000K, with the integrity of the overall residential appearance.

Outdoor custom wall lamp, wall lamp is not only consider the upper and lower light, in the middle of the way to diffuse light, according to the visual angle of 40 degrees on the basis of the design of anti glare grille.

34F SKY LOUNGE is the beginning of the Milky Way extends to the top floor of the 35F star trails, mirror pool in the night reflected in the landscape was painted all the light, forming a "virtual" and "real" staggered mysterious space. The amount of glare like dessert icing, is in our nature to lead a person to endless aftertastes, environment, have a lot of light, often will make you a surprise move, moderate glare is not a bad thing, it can increase or decrease the spatial characters, relative space will become very cohesive.

The concept proposed building sandwich light tree, provides another night vision for the building moved low scale, the diffusion effect of VAS LFG904-T5-28W3000K through the HELVAR lamp control system, convey different visual impressions in different periods. The principle of the design of light environment of low energy consumption, under the lamp used in the corridor ceiling CDM-PAR30-35W- to 10 degrees as the direction, one can also increase the space movement rhythm.

Light and dark, is always a kind of contrast, if there is no darkness, the light will lose its meaning, with the shadow, the light is complete, the shadow is to highlight the existence of light.

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