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Appreciation of lighting in Taipei, China (two)

The base layer uses custom lamp family to create a sense of order and the street environment atmosphere light, including headlights on the wall and column building wall on illumination lamp, the lamp in the shape of a design is based on the overall architectural vocabulary, can make people aware of the theme of the whole case. Through them, as though these custom lamps are narrowing the building itself is a piece of art, but also with the building as if they are one, rather than just a lamp. ".

General lighting design of buildings may only look for light ink, this case will expand to road lighting planning, Lane from outdoor to indoor with a variety of climbing the corridor is full of flower series, so lighting design in addition to the continuity of the indirect light projected to ground as the guide line, also by strengthening the green corridor of light illuminates the night image.

In this case the overall brightness ratio from the house, crown elevation to the base layer, basically is to take a strong strong sense of continuity, are like a song to have rhythm changes, to highlight the master-slave, weak against strong, slow off quickly. Because the house crown is the main contribution of the city skyline, it can be seen from a distance with the condition, thus giving a strong brightness level, and the base layer is the most direct contact of the site and the "people", details and texture base lighting will directly cause people to feel about the quality of construction, and the so-called "strong performance in the rich level, including vertical and horizontal plane light, and its surrounding base on integrity. As for the largest area of the building facade, with moderate intensity will house the crown and base smooth connection, so that viewers in the night is like a piece of art appreciation, can complete to see the building of each face, and their relationship with the ground, the sky.

A garden from the building to the light, are in the seemingly simple architecture, with details to deal with the performance of texture and depth. To abandon the gorgeous complex lighting effects, return to the nature of light, naturally attract people's attention, become a landmark night.


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