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Appreciation of lighting engineering of seaside Hall (two)

Learn from the local natural landscape into the night lighting design of LED lighting concept of animation, animation with natural elements, as clouds and sea wind, will use "the beauty of nature scenes of the light" to show, changing clouds, sunset red, blue sea, each with a different time the scene, from time to time turns into a performance in the construction, the night has formed a great canvas, as the nature of the wanton enjoy this artist brush. Even the use of different festivals in special festivals to add to the atmosphere of the environment, so that the building presents a rich expression and tonality.

Appreciation of lighting engineering of seaside Hall (two)

In the 360 degree viewing tower in the front of the hotel, but also from the nearest sea viewing location, illumination on the air corridor has a connection, design concept of light by the rear of the building also extends to the front, let the whole building to achieve consistency, rich color changes such as the viewing tower with the corresponding sunset afterglow, and are produced the subtle light level, flashing at night seemed bright ruby, a deep blue sea visual guide.


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