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Case analysis of interior and exterior lighting in Shenzhen Hotel (three)

In order to cater to the characteristics of the coastal city of Shenzhen, the designer chose the fish as the original material, and it will be combined with the Chinese elements of the dragon, which is the luxury of the main background of the Dragon Wall Art source. Selection of the study area Daisy as a source of crystal chandelier for the space to add a fresh and elegant artistic atmosphere. In the KTV rooms, using a large amount of crystal chandeliers, highlighting a shocking effect.

Case analysis of interior and exterior lighting in Shenzhen Hotel (three)

In the banquet hall design, taking into account the building structure has the advantages of full skylight glass ceiling, the designer will introduce natural light into the banquet hall, the banquet hall to give a natural kind of style. In the design we use the ceiling grid will be opening skylight, transparent marble ceiling and stainless steel ceiling for scattered emissions, the ratio between the three and 3 in the 10: 5: control. 6 sets of decorative crystal chandeliers are evenly distributed in the lattice ceiling to increase the luxury of space. During the day, the size of the sunroof to ensure adequate light source space, feel comfortable and natural, effective energy saving, shading retractable flexible control of light intensity and effective reflection of the sun's heat, maximum use of solar light. When night falls, through the transformation of the outer ring two layer ceiling downlight, ceiling lamp array intermediate, luminous ceiling and ceiling and wall decoration decorative ceiling lantern lights with different combinations to meet the diverse space atmosphere.


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