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A case study of Seoul high-rise residential lighting (two)

In the light of the performance of the way and the ripple of the program. The roof and side heliport is used on floodlighting, make the appearance of a building partly hidden and partly visible. The middle part of the spot through the indoor arbitrary showed show natural and vivid way, and the back part of the building structure using grooves uplights lighting.

A case study of Seoul high-rise residential lighting (two)

The concept of landscape is a symbol of modern courtyard". Including the shape of the large atrium, the use of water space features transparent lotus pond, as well as linear space structure. The concept of lighting design is the "fusion of light and the surrounding road (described as" tiny light "), focuses on the interpretation of the quiet halo, show interesting regularity of lighting, and lighting to prevent small blinding. In the landscape is the most important design is adjacent to the Seoul forest, there is a leaf shaped ceiling atrium. In the 2 layer from the ground to the ground on the top of the ceiling of the 5 layers, the setting of the track light, light reflected the shape of the leaves. The LED triangle device is set below the transition zone between the two buildings to show the effect of the night sky starlight. In the foundation of landscape lighting design, point add a halo effect, and played a leading role in the route, Mizuki projection lamp shines the light through the outline to the plant morphology.


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