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Knodel residential lighting design appreciation (I)

Knodel house is a private villa located in Germany Beigie Skei Gerard Bach, it let us see in the light conditions without the traditional thermal radiation, how to design lighting, creating experience of space diversity and comfortable environment. It does not simply replace incandescent bulbs with LED or compact fluorescent lamps, but uses a low voltage halogen lamp and a bus system.

Beigie Skei Gerard Bach Knodel house

When you enter the building, you will clearly see the construction and lighting work well together. Minimalism architecture clear form language requires very careful lighting, to get suitable effect. This has been clearly reflected in the entrance area, leading to the front door to the left side of the wall, a row of buried lights lit. The lighting in the porch is converted from the ground to the ceiling, and is realized by the wall lamp which is not uniformly embedded in the wall. Into the house, visitors will find themselves in an extension of the hall. Different lighting parts and materials can be divided into space and convenient location.


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Add: 3rd Floor, Building A, Mingjinhai Second Industrial Zone, Shiyan Street, Baoan, Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

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