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Venice lighting luminous like comics

On the second day in Venice, we felt like we were walking through the street in the evening. On the first day of the investigation here, we still rely on the map to grasp the layout of the block, and strive to sum up the two aspects of theory and practice to see everything. However, all the spatial information obtained from the whole city is not limited to words such as "trail", "River", "bridge" and "square". These are intricately combined in the city and look like a jigsaw puzzle.

As a tourist city, it can not be like other cities, according to the map or logo to determine the destination, and then according to their relative position to choose the route. Even in the same block, the length and width of the street lighting project is also different, if only the memory of these differences to identify a place is also very difficult, not to mention the night!

But as soon as the sun goes down, the confusion on the streets of Venice. In any corner of the day can not see the corner, the lights will be engraved with a distinctive imprint.

In the evening, you can walk to the light of your personal interest, there are lights to create a landscape. These are not the landscape lighting design is a dynamic image, and that they are a kind of landscape, such as their eyes and said to be instant imaging or snapshot, it is respectively with wide angle lens, standard lens, telephoto lens and continuous shot into comics. The night after the fall, people are willing to be happy and pleased with oneself walk along the street, the first is to provide safe street lights, followed by a light then can enjoy a comic book. There are rich scenes and fascinating plots in the comic book, which are made up of lighted buildings and trees, luminous sculptures and shadows in the shadows.

Each picture contains a moving plot, which may be the future of urban lighting should strive to achieve the goal.

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