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Overview of the lighting in Venice

Venice city street lamps and lanterns used in the construction of the wall mounted on the bracket structure. In order to control the direction of light exposure to meet the needs of different places, some of the lampshade was painted black to cover this side of the light. The light source is almost entirely transparent incandescent bulbs, so that the glass lampshade is very bright, from the details of the design is impeccable. The configuration of the interval is 20 meters, full light vertical illuminance is about 6 lux. As the city lighting is not very bright, but because most of the light on the wall of the ball to the side of the road, let the pedestrians feel very comfortable.

The choice of light source is of great importance to the city lighting, because the lighting design directly determines the color of the city night scene and the color of the person and the object under the light. Incandescent lamp as a kind of warm light source, its high color rendering and give people a sense of intimacy. Unfortunately, as a light source for urban lighting, it has the disadvantages of short life and low luminous efficiency. However, such as Venice's lighting project such a small street space, you can still strengths and weaknesses, the use of incandescent lamps to install a beautiful night.

Incandescent lighting as a city, Venice is a successful example.

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