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Nightscape lighting in Venice - a city of great human interest

Venice should be said to be a tourist city, but in the past few days, it let us eat r free soup. As we looked at the map, we walked forward, and we lost our way to the factory. We could not find where we were going. Even if the lighting project by the help of the compass, is still unable to reach the location on the map marked, we suspect that the map is wrong.

So, from the San Marco Square line bridge to toe Duarte from only 400 meters, we walked for an hour. A similar situation also occurred in C to Sikaerpa design art museum on the way, we was just a stray lamb.

After a few such experiences come to understand, shopping in Venice, not urgent, also cannot process the lighting design with purpose should be sure, what all don't want to, walk, may find your best interest. In this way, we have been fully aware of the cross-section of the Venice street and the shape of the plane structure, the lighting and other aspects of the modeling and installation of hardware and other aspects of the situation are also well aware.

The planning of the city is very meticulous, and the narrow paths are lined with shops. Advertising in front of the shop, lit by lights. Only 2 meters wide road on both sides of the small window as embedded in the wall, one of the components and placed in a small window in the commercial landscape of Venice is coming from the window, the lighting has become an important part of city lighting.

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