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Appreciation of city lights: a brightly lit water sightseeing road in Venice

The effects of the export of urban lighting is a floating on the lake in the Adriatic coastal city -- Venice.

Venice is a city often depicted in movies and novels. Such as Thomas Man's "K", died in Venice Hepuba ring, starred in the film "love" tour, and Bess "summer storm" Ghent director etc..

Everywhere in the picturesque coastal city, lake water color is sometimes dark green, sometimes yellow, make people feel mysterious. Although we have visited Europe, such as Lyon, Paris, Berlin and London and other large cities, but the coexistence of people and vehicles, a strong modern civilization. The city with the modern planning and subsequent transformation, there are spacious streets, planting trees on both sides of the street, lined with a commercial facilities, not only to provide a leisurely stroll walking space, but also the installation of lighting device design. It is easy to find common ground between these cities and the big cities of their own country, and most people live in a very different environment.

However, as Venice established in medieval civilization on the basis of history, from the lighting engineering, which is completely different with the above mentioned form of the city, the layout of the whole city is like a maze, water is the space in public life stage.

The study of Venice began with the feeling of the land of the city, that is, to learn how to look for a building, a square, a bridge, and a street. Under normal circumstances, as long as half a day can go through the main streets and attractions, this time it will take a day, although this is just a small city.

Venice is a city of 2 square kilometers of the island, a the Grande Canale (ancient juday canal) of the lighting design from the center through the island, the city in half. Then it was 2 meters wide and a trail like stream is divided into individual blocks, looking at a map like puzzle.

Because the bridge across the river is a ladder shaped, so needless to say that the car, and even motorcycles and bicycles can not be described by walking and riding on the bus is the main means of transport. Could not walk far on the path will come to the square dagger go further, there will be two, four of the river in front of you. As soon as I get to this neighborhood, I will think of Disneyland. Only here, you can fully experience the sightseeing in the water, rowing and yachting Regatta fun. When we arrived in Roma Square, cruise tourists are jubilant along the Grande Canale to San Marco Square piaoyou.

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