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Stockholm old city and new town lighting

Stockholm's urban environmental lighting has aroused our great interest. We have never seen such a perfect lighting design as the combination of landscape and function two.

Stockholm City, the old town has a called the "Westminster street, Theil lunk" is one of the most lively pedestrian street. Paved with stone slabs on both sides of the building is also built in stone, the construction of the old, antique. The street lighting was not made of modern lighting, but a replica of the gas lamp made in 1853, which was linked to the walls of the building. Incandescent bulbs were originally used as a light source for lighting design, from 1993 to 50 watts of high pressure sodium lamp.

The classical gas lamps installed in the modern efficient light source, this old bottle of wine to create a new way to create a nostalgic atmosphere in the city. Due to the high color light source, the pedestrians on the street face look very natural, and the lamp bracket part is installed in the street side of the building, the building of the medieval style shadow relief surface also emerged, play a good role in contrast.

The design of a copy of the gas lamp, only to the light source to make some changes, similar methods we have seen in Rome, Paris and london. But in a guidebook to Stockholm, the old city is still using gas lights, which is obviously not true. In fact, the gas lamps are equipped with advanced electric light source.

Came to the new city of Stockholm, to see another scene. Here is the lighting project from the Second World War after the gradual development and construction of the. Straight streets equipped with catenary lamps, lighting the trail and lane sharing way, light source for high power high pressure sodium lamp, since the lamp surface illumination vertical downward exposure up to 90 lux. In fact, from the sidewalk point of view, the light in the roadside window seems to be sufficient to meet the needs of pedestrians.

The old city and the new city street Wes Theil lunk Toulon TONUK street in the Houses of Parliament at. The full length of 1.5 km pedestrian lanes on the lighting, to provide us with a lot of experience can be used for reference.

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