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Oslo: the axis to the palace

The Norway painter Menke have a picture called "Twilight" (1892) Karl Johnny's paintings, depicting Carle John street at dusk masterpiece.

At dusk, the lights at the same time the connection station is about 1.5 km and the central train Palace Carle John street light. The direction of the street to the train station to go half of the pedestrian street, the other side of the axis leading to the palace of the road for the common road. Because of the different nature of the two sections of the road connected to the street, its own lighting is not the same. Go to the palace of the road there is a clear difference between the high and low, installed about 12 meters high, the interval of 44 meters of the cylindrical lamp, with a more prominent symbolic role of the axis. In the Oslo museum to buy art postcards, still can see the gas lights in 1890. From 1970 to 1980 this period of time, pay more attention to the function and efficiency of urban lighting. Recently, however, the installation of cylindrical lights, but in imitation of the shape of the gas lamp.

The Royal Palace in the lamplight dimly floated on the axis, highlighting its physical and psychological dynamics. On both sides of the axis of the trail is pleasant Avenue, on the road with a height of about 4 meters of the trail with a cylindrical lamp, its height adjustable.

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