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The streets of Copenhagen and its chain lighting

Copenhagen Diwoli park has a direct lighting device, in order to form a beautiful lamp and 110 thousand light bulb changing polar light effect, which is well known in the world.

Munster. Fang street is a pedestrian world one of the best for the street. The total length of 1.2 kilometers on both sides of the street, from George Jensen and Copenhagen and Denmark to the ordinary laoyaer shop stalls, large and small arranged more than 2 thousand.

We are here to see the typical suspension lighting. The streets are winding and the building facades are interconnected. When you can't see the street in the distance, you will suddenly find an open field. The changing neighborhood structure also brings a sense of rhythm to the catenary lighting.

This lighting method common in Europe, but rare in Japan and other Asian countries, this may be due to the structure of streets and buildings are not suitable for the sake of pull wire.

Catenary lighting also has two types: one is the lighting that like a highway road side hanging lantern like; the other is in the street empty Bu Wang pull a hanging over, hung on the middle of the street lamps. It has the advantage of being simpler than a cylindrical lamp device, and it can cast a limited amount of light into the area where it is most needed. In addition, due to the great effort to set up the column lamp, so that the surrounding landscape will be fully protected.

In fact, we did not see in the night to pull in the air suspension, the eye is a series of bright lights, like the light cast from the ceiling.

Suspension type lighting also can be used on the trail, as long as the lamp at Laue street now slightly improved, to strengthen its control function, in order to reduce glare grating is arranged by reflector, a variety of forms, will soon be caught.

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