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Prague lighting settings and the perfect combination of the environment

Czech Republic, capital of Prague, is the last leg of our trip to europe. In advance, the people of Prague know very little, the relevant information is not large, can only travel guide through the street on the pictures and have been to Prague before people understand some cases, well as clues imagine what is the night of Prague.

Prior to this, I visited the European cities, more than the expected almost the same: the ancient streets of the installation of modern high-pressure sodium lamp, a warm light on the street. Of course, occasionally, contrary to expectations, in some cities will still see the flashing white light mercury lamp.

"Prague may also be covered with a white, white, mercury lamp, or a gas lamp, or an incandescent bulb as a light source for street lighting. "On the night before we arrived in Prague, we let the imagination spread its wings and tried to depict the night scene of Prague.

From the Vienna Airport brilliantly illuminated after takeoff, the flight for an hour in the air, can finally come from the air aerial view of Prague at night. Although we can not say that city everywhere Ambilight, but bathed in the warm light of HPS in the city is still impressive.

On the way from the airport to the urban area, the eyes of the people are the bright lights of a gas station, on the road can not see the residential and shops, but as soon as entering the city, the scene suddenly changed.

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