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Prague Fashion Square full of fashion sense

Compared with the dream of the old city night scene, the new town of Weiss square is the most brilliant Prague space. Here is the history of the seven revolutionary movement stage, but also the gathering place. As the commercial center of Prague, since ancient times is very lively, its width 25 meters, length of 60 meters of space is not so much a square, as it is a street. On both sides of the hotel, restaurant and other commercial facilities. The facade of the building is full of lights and neon lights flashing in the night sky.

Square 10 meters wide on both sides of the trail and a width of 14 meters of the driveway, driveway and parking. In the middle of the square there is a bench in a flat space, like a park. Everything here is illuminated by the same lighting system, light and bright.

Here the installation of the street lamp, each with 4 high-pressure sodium lamp, with a distance of about 24 meters along both sides of the square opposite. The lights in the square is evenly distributed with 50? 80 lux illumination, equivalent to 4 lane traffic illumination - 5 times. The lamp is also provided with signs, traffic signs, light detectors and loudspeakers. The crowd gathered here in the bright light, all night in the excitement.

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