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What is intensity?

The horizontal light intensity standard lamp is compared with the side bulb. The relative spectral distribution of the standard light source and the bulb is compared. The measurement of the relative spectral distribution of the standard light source and the side lamp bulb is approximately equal to that of the same color. The comparison of incandescent lamp is mostly the same color photometry; standard lamp and fluorescent lamp, HID lamp, etc..

The light bulb is arranged in the side frame of the mobile station, in accordance with the lighting direction specified (light direction specified photometer alignment standard light bulb lamp upside down) fixed, the shading plate distribution (except in order to eliminate the direct light bulb wall or the back light) and the light receiving device to make the light axis at the level of the state, pay attention to the bulb and a light receiving device receives and metering to the vertical axis, and the light bulb light and light receiving center distance (photometric distance) for lighting glass ball more than 10 times. The turn-on voltage required by the standard bulb, read by the light output below, and then measured after lamp lighting lamp replacement standard, read by the output light is weeping. If the light intensity of the standard bulb is I, the light intensity of the bulb is I:

If the same color photometry, color correction factor K - 1.

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