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Urban environmental color adjustment (Photos)

The color of modern city construction, green space, roads, bridges, monuments, sculptures, gardens, streets, residential and commercial water and dress up beautiful, every night, neon lights, such as illumination to the city night bonfires display, add charm. City environmental color like a complex symphony, can have different styles, but not without a unified command, only scientific and reasonable harmony of color environment, in order to create a beautiful, elegant and comfortable living environment for the public city, otherwise, promiscuously without planning the indiscriminate use of color, color not only can not play decoration effects, but it would like the city noise as visual environmental pollution caused by the new light and color caused by.

Urban environmental color reflects different style features. Each city in the development process of her history, will be due to the different natural landscape and cultural landscape and ethnic psychological factors such as climate change, geographical environment, historical culture, natural conditions, national customs, forming a unique color tone and decorative style. Such as the French Paris building, the roof in black, wall to pale brown tone; Spain, Italy and Mexico city construction Chang Yihong, yellow and orange warm color tone; African countries building used white and yellow. South China city love cool tone, North City with warm tone; Jiangnan garden city fenqiangdaiwa architectural complex of the Imperial Palace in Beijing; red huangwa; seaside city blue sky add radiance to each other. In every sense, the color of modern urban environment is not only the accumulation of traditional culture, but also the embodiment of modern material civilization and spiritual civilization.

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