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Selection of lighting design

In accordance with the conditions of the choice of the type of lighting, the need to pay attention to the environment temperature, humidity, vibration, pollution, dust, corrosion, as well as the explosion and fire hazard, etc.. The following are divided into four environmental conditions to choose lamps.

1 the selection of lamps for general industrial buildings

(1) in the normal ambient temperature (heating or non heating places) generally open type lamps.

(2) containing a large number of dust, but no explosion and fire hazards of the place, the general selection of dust type lamps.

(3) in the place where the vibration is large, the general use of shockproof lamps, or with ordinary lamps and shock measures.

(4) in the case of possible mechanical damage to the place or the installation of a high degree of light is low, the lamps should have safety protection measures.

(5) fire protection measures shall be taken for lamps and accessories installed on combustible materials.

2 selection of lamps for wet and corrosive industrial plants

(1) in wet or wet places, should adopt the closed type waterproof and Dustproof lamp, or equipped with waterproof lamp open lamp; when the basement hanging height less than 2.4m without anti shock measures, should use 36V safe voltage.

(2) in the presence of acid and alkali corrosive gases, should be based on their impact on the electrical material, the use of different corrosion resistant materials made of lamps or accessories.

3 explosion and fire hazard

The choice of lamps industrial plant explosion and fire hazard industry to determine the type of lamp structure according to the grade of explosion hazardous environment and fire hazard level respectively, see Table 5 - 11, table 5, table 5 - 13 - 12.

Table 5 - 12 the selection of the structure of the anti explosion structure of the dust explosion hazardous environment

Explosive environment explosion-proof structure

Area 10

Area 11

(dust) explosion





Apply to

Table 5 - 13 the selection of lighting protection structure for fire dangerous environment

Fire risk environment

21 Volts

Area 22

Area 223

Protection grade






Mobile and portable


Note: the glass cover of the movable type and the belt type lighting lamp shall have the protection of the metal net r.. The meaning of the protection grade of the table 2 is shown in GB7001 - 86.

4 civilian blasting equipment factory lamps selection

Civilian blasting equipment factory lamps can rank according to the dangerous place to choose according to the provisions of the current national standard "safety standard factory design civil blasting equipment", see Table 5 - 14.

Table 5 - 14 lamp selection of civil equipment factory broken Shan

Dangerous level


Type lamp



Sent gunpowder storage places

Installed in the outdoor light closed

Store other explosive places

Enclosed in outdoor

Light lamp, wall lamp


Wall lamp according to the technical requirements of GB50089 - 97 specification


However, for Sorkin two nitro phenol and nitrogen to millisecond delay delivery place


Esd II BT5


Ese II T5

Store other explosive places


Esd II BT4


Ese II T3


Have waterproof and dustproof


It should be pointed out that in addition to taking into account the environmental conditions, the lighting fixture should be determined according to the light source, light distribution characteristics, installation methods, maintenance and other factors.

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