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Factory lighting design of cloth light program

The present invention provides a variety of light distribution schemes for single storey industrial buildings with span of GM and above, and a series of tables for calculating illuminance conveniently. These contents are of great practicability, which guarantees the accuracy of illuminance calculation.

The structure size of single plant commonly used size 1 monolayer of industrial plants (i.e. column) selection for GM, 12M, span 15m, Ism, Zlm, 24m, 27m, 30m, a total of 8, according to the 6m column layout, but some lamp program can also be used for the 12m plant spacing.

The hanging height of lamps and lanterns, according to the height of the lamp from the specified working surface, select 4m, 6m, 9m, 12M, 15m, 18m, 21m and so on. For other heights within this range, interpolation can be used.

2 typical cloth lamp scheme is now developed several representative cloth magic program diagram 5 - 13

Figure 5 - 13, B for a wide span, column were 6m (only in the annotation scheme of L).

In the diagram, the distance between the lamp and the column axis is determined according to the general requirements of the single span workshop, which is the basis for calculating the illuminance. The design can be changed according to the process layout.

For the multi span workshop, the distance between the lamp and the column axis can be adjusted, so that the distance between the lamps is even.

Cloth lamp options: it should be noted that not every lamp collocation scheme are suitable for all kinds of span and the height of the building; for the design of the plant, the first should first calculate the room space than the RCR, then select the appropriate RCR value according to the light distribution type lamps (RCR value selection of wide light lamps, small H (news value by narrow light lamps); according to the illuminance standard span and the requirements of the value selection of a lamp collocation scheme, calculated from the cloth lamp ratio, and then verify the maximum distance high than the selection of the lamp is not greater than the allowed distance ratio, if more than, cloth lamp shall be elected or plan the replacement of another lamp.

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