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Selection of lamps for road lighting design

Road lighting, including roads, interchanges, squares and other places of illumination. Selection of lamps and lanterns should take into account its functional properties and decorative effects.

First, the main function of motor vehicles. Including expressway, trunk road with light interception, half light lamps, secondary roads and branches with half light type lamps.

Second, commercial street, residential road, pedestrian underpass, non motorized vehicles should be decorative and functional combination of lamps and lanterns.

Third, the place of the high pole lighting general selection of flood light. Fourth, in the high standard of illumination, high dust content in the air, difficult to maintain the premises, should choose waterproof, dustproof performance of the high lights, on the contrary, you can choose the general lighting.

Fifth, corrosive sites should be good corrosion resistance of lamps, vibration place should be equipped with shock absorbing devices.

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