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Neon Art

Neon lamp is a light emitting device using gas discharge. The slender glass tube is bent into the required shapes of various shapes, and then the air inside the tube is filled with a small amount of hydrogen or neon and other inert gases. The light color varies with the filling gas, if the filling is a neon orange color; if the charge in the mixed gas is nitrogen and mercury emit blue light; if the charge is mixed gas neon and mercury emit green light. In order to obtain more color, but also on the wall of glass coated with different fluorescent substances.

Neon art has been widely used in light box advertising, road signs, window design, display design and other decorative arts. At night, the modern city in the neon lights and other decorative ornaments electro-optic, tall buildings like the girls wear evening gowns, more beautiful and charming; China entangles the business district, the joy of entertainment more lively; ancient and quiet streets into a rich sense of the times of the night. Neon lights and electric lights can be used to draw the art of light, it describes the modern city so beautiful and colorful.

The principle of neon color design for color mixture, due to the human eye color light source with light reflection, intermittent light and extinguish the constantly changing, easy to produce visual afterimage caused by glare and fatigue, so the neon light color design must pay attention to two issues: first, in order to reduce eye fatigue. Various colors must establish photolatent order, make strong light stimulation by order of increased softness; second, neon lights off conversion time interval must choose the best time than using the rhythm time increase comfortable sense of rhythm. Flash Shuo, thrilling rock music and modern dance, the singers, dancers in ecstasies and dance fans indulge in a piece of music of the ocean and avid art atmosphere. The combination of light color and music has gained unprecedented artistic effects of sound, light and color.

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