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Stage lighting design art

Human ancestors lived in caves in the initial period, with the sun during the day, night with moonlight and light, dance, to celebrate the victory, this is the most primitive human stage lighting.

With the development of human civilization, stage lighting from fire, candles, oil lamps, gas lamps to the development of advanced electric light source, lighting equipment, lighting technology constantly updated, more scientific, more rich and colorful stage lighting art.

Today he Bian stage lighting is the master lighting designers, they in the control room by dimming system, command and control of the stage lighting art lighting, lights, strong and weak, cold warm color, like milk blend changes irregularly, created a warm and cheerful, warm, sweet Gong sad lonely, romantic stimulation of various space-time effect and exotic atmosphere. The stage lighting has a strong atmosphere of rendering artistic appeal, so it is with the stage setting sound, has become a stage of environmental art an integral part of drama, film, dance, music, fashion show and other performing arts.

Stage lighting design must master the addition of light. Lighting designers cleverly use red, green, blue, white and other light, by the light intensity and the proportion of mixed light changes, you can create a variety of ideal color.

In addition to the stage lighting lamps for general lighting lamps, specially designed special lamps have led lights for the stage show, sky lantern floodlights, rotating lights, lights, lights and other light meteor, each lamp can bite back to create different artistic atmosphere.

Laser is a new light source for modern stage lighting. The laser is emitted by the laser beam, a laser beam is composed of a plurality of parallel light wavelengths of light, it usually has a much greater power than ordinary light beam from the light source brightness, so the laser in the stage lighting art has been applied widely. As a modern dance hall or large outdoor plaza, lighting designers used laser illumination to strengthen the friendship with the Performing Arts atmosphere, intense laser beam flow of each other, glittering, thrilling rock music and modern dance, the singers, dancers in ecstasies and dance fans indulge in a piece of music of the ocean and fanaticism art atmosphere. The combination of light color and music has gained unprecedented artistic effects of sound, light and color.

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