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Lighting design in the light of the performance (Photos)

1 surface light performance

Surface light refers to the indoor ceiling, walls and ground made of light-emitting surface.

Ceiling light is characterized by uniform illumination, adequate light, and various forms of expression. Such as the use of fluorescent lamp ceiling, light density are required, to ensure that each space, full of light; and as for large area lamp ceiling, the ceiling has NIUYAN light pattern, like the night sky dotted with again: ceiling beam structure, design a light emitted from the light wells, wells produce lattice, have a unique style. Ask the effect.

Wall light is generally used for image exhibition. The walls made of hollow double wall, side wall for display a luminous wall, which is embedded with a plurality of glass box, set the light projecting device frame, light exhibition wall. Large light box advertising is also such lighting.

The ground is made of light will light ground floor, the floor is usually set, luminous floor and colorful, the light and color with the electronic sound rhythm change simultaneously, greatly enhance the plant stage performance art atmosphere.

The common wall washer is a kind of surface light

2 light performance

The so-called band of light is the light source layout of the strip. Changes in the form of a variety of square, lattice, bar, bar lattice, ring (ring shaped, oval ring), triangular and other multilateral geometry. If the surrounding flat ceiling, the surrounding light recessed ceiling, light type frame type light box in the recessed type ceiling, ceiling, floor, light band surrounding the inner frame, floor, floor light ring light cast light on the groove, groove, ceiling light light concave tip, concave groove and anchor light. Long strip light has a certain degree of guidance, in many people's public places in the design of the environment is often used as a guide lighting, other geometric light band is generally used for decoration.

3 point light

Spot light is a light source with a small range of light. Because of its light intensity, mostly used in restaurants, bedroom, study and window, stage and other places of direct lighting or key lighting. Light of the performance of various techniques, top light, light, light, light along the bottom and side light etc..

Top light - from top to bottom lighting, similar to the summer midday direct sunlight. Light object projection small, light and dark contrast strong, suitable for modeling light.

Bottom light - from the bottom of the lighting, suitable for auxiliary light distribution.

Light - from the front of the lighting, the projection of light, light objects appear completely, but the three-dimensional feeling is poor.

Backlight - lighting from behind the light, object outline clear, artistic silhouette, light is commonly used in photography art and stage velarium.

Side light - light white and left upper, upper right, lower left, lower right direction of the radiation, light object projection clear, three-dimensional sense of strong, rich levels, is the most acceptable way of light.

4 still lights and flowing lights

Static light - fixture fixed, light static, no flashing lights. Most indoor lighting using static lighting, the lighting can make full use of solar energy, and can create a stable and harmonious atmosphere, soft light, suitable for schools, factories, office buildings, shopping malls, exhibition and other places.

Flowing light is a kind of mobile lighting, which has a rich artistic expression of lighting design, is the main means of stage lighting and urban neon advertising design. Such as stage seven using "light up", constantly chasing mobile actors, such as lighting and advertising neon lights continuously flashing, frequently changing colors, not only highlights the artistic image, and several rendering environment art atmosphere.

5 laser

A laser is a beam emitted by a laser. The media of the laser beam are crystal, glass, gas (such as hydrogen, fluorine gas, nitrogen neon mixed gas, etc.) and dye solution. Have some gas laser as light source for lighting art, which He Ne laser is one of the most commonly used, it produces red monochromatic light; nitrogen ion laser blue green light and green light, these two wavelengths can be separated by diffraction grating, the formation of monochromatic light beams of different colors.

Different dye lasers can produce any wavelength in the range of 400 - 75Onm according to the need of lighting design. Dye lasers, however, are devices that work in a pulsed manner, which must be driven by a laser or an electronic flash.

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