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Types of spatial resolution in electrical lighting

The ability of the vision system to recognize the subtle points, i.e., the spatial resolution, as shown in Figure 3.26, is defined by the angle (view) that can be identified from the visual object to the line of the eye.

Definition of spatial resolution

The resolution varies with the background brightness, contrast with the background, the shape and color of the object. There are many useful representation methods, fully display method of frequency characteristic of optical system, the characteristics of space, the opening width of the reciprocal of the useful method of Landau ring, and using the method of pattern recognition characteristics, as follows:

1 visual perception or perception thresholds defined according to the minimum degree of recognition of visual objects

The changes of visual object shape, brightness contrast and background brightness. Experiments on a white background with black perspective as 1/2, contrary to the case of 1/66; on a white background with black for the 1/60, contrary to 1/60 the following. Watch the point source in the background under the same conditions, formed between the eyes and the visual object perspective for zero or near zero also have visual visual recognition ability. This same vision system resolution independent, you can feel the human eye shot light from the light source brightness over broad recognition.

2 according to the identification of the minimum distance of several visual objects and the definition of the resolution threshold

Affected by the shape and brightness of visual objects. Point and point of the situation for 1 - 2 points, the line and the line of the situation for the 0.6 - 1 points, with the Landau ring for the case of 0.5 - 1.

3 the recognition threshold is defined according to the minimum displacement of the change of the shape of the dislocation of the recognition line

Also known as the vice ruler of the visual acuity. With the micrometer scale calibration to read. Identification limit can reach 1/60 points, it can be said that high resolution.

4 the threshold of cognition or the threshold of reading defined according to the minimum degree of recognition and reading of the visual object of a character, symbol, or circle

Due to the influence of brightness, contrast and other graphic shapes, the width of the image varies with the visual object, which has important practical significance for the identification of the road.

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