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How to determine the brightness contrast

The visual efficiency is about the sense of feeling of light and color. It is not enough to know the existence of bright and color in the visual recognition.

The degree of brightness difference here is expressed by the luminance ratio. Just to be able to identify the brightness increment known as the recognition threshold.

The smaller the recognition threshold is, the more the brightness level can be identified by the visual system. The more information is obtained from the visual object, the smaller the brightness change can be felt.

The brightness contrast recognition with adaptive luminance (brightness threshold), visual object size, color, time of the observation varies, in general, the brightness of visual objects is higher, more observation time is longer, the lower the recognition threshold. The method for measuring the contrast of the luminance contrast is shown in figure 3.24.

A gradual increase in the brightness of visual objects relative to background brightness under the condition when the incremental hours, recognition accuracy to the luminance difference is low; when the increment becomes high, until finally complete recognition. Usually the recognition accuracy rate of increment 50 latitude value when called recognition stuffy.

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