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What is intermediate vision?

Between photopic and scotopic vision, namely the background brightness is 0.01 - 2.0cd/m 2, cone and rod and send out, now known as the middle vision, this state since the two system occurs, the brightness and the bright vision and feeling dark vision is different, can that is the overlap of both. Deep research has not been done.

In the case of the near vision, the visual state is more dependent on the cone, and the degree of the dependence on the rod is larger in the case of approaching the dark vision. This will result in a gradual dimming with the brightness, the maximum efficiency of light at the wavelength from 555 nm to 507 nm change, that is, to move in the direction of the short wavelength.

Therefore, in the dark, the majority of the reflection of the short wavelength of the blue object looks brighter. On the contrary, the darker the red object. This phenomenon is called the phenomenon of poor Jinye (Purkie phenomen).

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