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Several common lighting design

1 entertainment lighting environment design

Entertainment environment is the most deliberately designed environment, composed of a wide range of light. They use buildings and facades as a medium to attract the attention of pedestrians, because pedestrians are potential consumers. Entertainment lighting environment is intended to stimulate a "immediate response" and "wake up" atmosphere, similar to be strengthened in a hypnotic state and through sound and action, all of these are in order to let the audience and tourists forget the time and forget how much money. This environment has a great variety of colorful, dynamic lighting design, constitute a real attraction for tourists to indulge.

2 festive lighting environment

Festival celebrations, New Year celebrations, open markets and carnival, these are festive environment. The lighting environment is composed of gorgeous lighting space, with a conspicuous random, colorful dynamic lighting, a variety of light sources to create the lighting effect, but there is no obvious link between them. Festival lighting is usually a dynamic lighting with a flashing effect, the lights shine, and sometimes even aggressive. People's faces are surrounded by light, the shadows become pale and insignificant, people feel like the mirror on the dressing table is surrounded by lights.

3 grand and solemn lighting environment

The street lights are arranged along a straight line with a clear perspective and a sense of symmetry. This environment is a solemn environment. The grand and solemn lighting environment is easy to arouse people's respect. Lamps along the road set, like a pearl chain, gorgeous and rich, emitting a 'beautiful' light. The light is not only to the bottom of the radiation, it will be in the face of the people to form a clear shadow. Wide beam lamp installed in the lower position, the light level is dispersed into space, soft over the face, make people look friendly and enthusiastic, and almost can not see the shadows. The shadow is generated by a beam of light from a light source, so it is not surprising that the shadow is always where you expect them to appear.

4 cheerful and lively lighting environment

This environment is often found in large tree lined walks, walks and commercial pedestrian streets. They are generally characterized by the following: shop window lighting, color shop signs, illuminated billboards and street lights set along a certain distance. This cheerful atmosphere has a festive and solemn lighting environment of the same composition, but relatively weak. The light illuminates the faces of the people. The lights are colorful and lined up along the sides of the street. The dynamic signs of the light in their own way to keep quiet, the rules of the street lamps are reassuring. On the ground and on the pitch, the boundaries of the shadows are clear, and people are always able to control the appearance and disappearance of these shadows, giving them a kind of effortless ease.

5 simple and prudent lighting environment

Such a lighting environment appears in a prestigious upscale residential or residential hotel complex in the garden. These environments are soft in nature, which is very similar to the cheerful and lively lighting environment. They are not for the purpose of attracting people's attention, but to provide a good sense of visual comfort. This space makes people feel at ease, there is no strong contrast brightness. The rich, elegant and often elaborate lighting configurations play a protective role in visually guiding the path. Soft shadows cast in the right place, make people feel familiar.

6 romantic lighting environment

The romantic lighting environment is darker than the simple, discreet lighting environment, but softer. Wander, let people think and fantasy. They include a comfortable, comfortable place that is formed in a dim lighting environment. This space is profound, but it is transparent, clear and friendly, and the shadows strengthen the atmosphere of space. Lighting devices are not necessarily visible, and they should not be damaged even if they are not seen. Candles and torches in the garden are classic environmental elements. Romantic lighting is usually associated with the night because of the night, when all bathed in blue light, and will form a clear shadow. In this environment, there will be between the white light dark Island, the lover can retreat into the shade of the dark, staring at the quiet picturesque scenery began to dream.

7 Fairy Tale lighting environment

This kind of lighting environment consists of numerous small, silver, flashing light, in which is a walk among the stars. These dots of weak light transparent, the light is not obvious, creating a soft and vague shadow. Such an environment will give people a mysterious feeling, but not disturbing.

8 poetic lighting environment

Different from the "entertainment" and "romantic" environment, poetic lighting environment, like painting on paper, creates a "dominant" place. In this environment, the shadow of light, color, shape, image is as much a part of creation. They are an important part of the scene, you can change the color and movement. In general, the shape of the shadow is recognizable, and the object is clearly illuminated. However, they also have unexpected or unfamiliar shapes. In this way, they can quickly form a surprising effect, so that their own sculpture.

9 dramatic lighting environment

As the name suggests, this environment is the use of various forms of light, shadow in a specific time to create unexpected results, in order to achieve their purpose. They use a strong contrast, in an exaggerated way to reflect the "romantic", "fairy tale" and "poetic" lighting environment. Among them, the light, the shadow of the important role.

10 functional lighting environment

The functional lighting environment accounts for 80% of our daily lighting environment, therefore, compared to other environmental needs to use more space to explain. The function of the lighting environment often takes into account the economy, it should be rational, and its design depends on the use or location of the site.

For example, the stadium can be seen as a large open theater. In such a large arena, lighting is the most important, and the lighting effect is often relegated to the most. The function of the lighting environment is only to consider the overall uniformity of the lighting, as well as the remote viewing effect, but also to ensure that the audience viewing comfort.

The most common form of illumination in this environment is "to bathe the arena in the sun"". Projecting the light onto the moving area around the high mast on the entire site. The strong light, the field color becomes bright, athletes shadow becomes dull and cross Sheng, sharp and clear, all of this is conducive to the audience. By 1970s, the stadium lighting illumination begin to not only meet the game or the normal level required to watch, but much more than this to satisfy the illuminance. Color TV through to. In order to get the price of the game and the advertising fee, the clubs have to illuminate the stadium according to the requirements of the TV crew. Do not worry that this will waste electricity, because the designer to make accurate calculations to determine how much light and light sources to obtain good results of the television broadcast. On the other hand, it is absolutely not a matter of consideration and waste of energy to take everything in the game as bright as day, which can be avoided by cutting off the side of the auxiliary light. In a sense, from the economic point of view, today's Golf track lighting to maintain a purely functional features, but it seems too restrictive. Golf course lighting must also meet the requirements of color TV broadcast. Through the calculation and analysis so that the audience can see a very beautiful track and golf - but this is limited to the direction of the game, which can avoid the players do not have to leave the track and even turn around to avoid glare.

Charging stations on motor vehicles also use a strong light. This kind of lighting is designed to slow down and stop high speed vehicles. In the work area, the high - shell - shaded lighting is designed to attract the attention of the driver to toll stations and obstacles. Because of the strong surrounding light, glare can also avoid the driver to divert attention to other places. On the other hand, the orange light on the ground makes everything seem so dull and unreal. Under this kind of light, the red, green, or blue body becomes dirty brown, and it is difficult to identify. The only thing that attracts the driver's attention is the light of the signal, indicating the danger. The shadows in the environment are tough, dull and localized, and they do not interfere with the driver's identification of the road, just as it is printed on the road - clear, strong and neat - no "black hole"".

In industrial areas, through the installation of the metal coating on the high brightness of the lamp on the industrial lighting, lighting as evenly distributed as possible. The lamp poles are simple in form and relatively low in cost, and are arranged along the main road in a certain space. The lighting is usually orange or blue-green, as pale and lifeless as the light in the motor lanes, but less in quantity. The formation of the environment is very poor, and even can be said to be monotonous. Once you leave the area near the lamp post, you will be surrounded by the shadow of the pedestrian walkway and street corner. These shadows are thick and scattered, like a thick fog, deep into the darkness, without warning, to drown you in the night.

The common features of these functional lighting environments (stadium, toll station, industrial area) are: to achieve maximum efficiency at the lowest cost. Investors will only consider the aesthetic factors in ensuring that the artistic performance of the lighting system is brought about by a definite added value. In this regard, the cost must be the same with other inputs, or they will think it is a waste of money.

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