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Traditional street lights in the night of London

First, we turn our attention to the old city, london". This is the oldest neighborhood in london. On the way to the monastery of Saint pol, we passed a "special seal, was called" the street, found here was not a street lamp. Looking up to the fourth week, only in the construction of a wall mounted on a very ordinary lamps, from about 12 meters high above the street to reach out. And then using the telescope to observe carefully, see the lamp is directly fixed on the wall, and the city lamps on the base. At first thought that the power cord is drawn from the interior of the building, and then a closer look, the original lighting engineering distribution line is pulled out from the public power supply, close to the building wall laying, and finally connected with the lamp. Clever and concealed wiring.

The public lighting facilities installed on the outer wall of private buildings, make this man narrow old street no longer have more space to install the lamp, this is a very difficult to see in Japan and Asian countries in the practice of city. To retain the shape of the external walls of the building, reconstruction of the main body of the old city in the transformation of the method often used, it was called the envelope of the planning method". This may also be derived from the following ideas: l Shop Street building facade should be regarded as public property. Building facades in urban construction and development process will not easily be destroyed, but also for the installation of permanent street lighting provides a guarantee. In fact, until eighteenth Century, London is still the darkest night. Compared with France, Germany and other advanced countries, the development of public lighting facilities can not meet the needs of public security. From fifteenth Century since the beginning of 250 years, in order to the streets is not too dark, the residents have the obligation to hang a lantern in the window as public lighting. Or bright or dark lights, not only to illuminate the night, it is also a symbol of the level of urban development and function. Later, the city of London will be the city public lighting design plan implemented by the contractor, the funds required by the public lighting installation should have been out of the building along the street lamps and soil to bear: later, with the development of lighting technology, public lighting by gas lamps evolved into today's light.

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