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Lyon Rhone and Saone River charming bridge lighting

The bridge to the center of Lyon, without exception, with the landscape lighting facilities, which is an indispensable part of the night of lyon. Among them, there are across the west of Seine River. The district has been to Jos, and St. Hanjisi bridge bridge, and stand in the East on the Rhone River card Lei Bridge, these are special pedestrian bridge. Each bridge railings are equipped with lights, these lights reflected the beautiful outline and bridge, make the night seem bright. While the pavement only accept a little reflection of light, brightness is not limited to walking. According to the members of the delegation to the illuminance meter measurement results, instrument display surface illumination but 1.5 lux. A pedestrian came to the bridge, suddenly see the light, the mood is very comfortable, this is why? Everyone who wants to get out of the bridge is reluctant to stop. What attracts them?

In the card Lei Qiao area of about 200 meters, there is a Foyete Le bridge, pier Venus as reflected in the water. There is a department store called Le Fryatt bridge, is a baroque architecture designed by Alan Kilho, the beautiful reflection in the water swaying. The shop in the left rear, can see the magnificent buildings of Cathedral of St. John the Divine and the monastery were vhailor. In front of the show is like art postcard night scene, the bridge lighting may be designed for people to see the night scene. Moreover, even to other bridges, will certainly have a preference for the bridge. Only from the lighting configuration of a bridge, you can peep and view of the whole picture, that is to say the overall lighting design features of Leon blocks can have a general understanding.

The final purpose of the design of urban landscape lighting, lighting design is not to exaggerate the lighting to show off; but to the light as a means to create a comfortable and pleasant urban space, and with the close integration of science. Only in this way can the extremely ordinary scenery into a charming night.

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