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How to eliminate or reduce harmful reflex

In the visual work environment, the harmful reflection of target visibility and visual comfort is also eliminated. The harmful effects of the following:

1 to reduce the contrast of the target reflection. For example, the words written in pencil are less visible to the light, and sometimes invisible. This is because the direction of the light is not suitable, so that the pencil marks appear gray or completely disappear. Printing ink or carbon paper, wax paper may also be the same effect, which is mentioned in the previous optical power reflection.

2 reflective glare. The surface of some shiny metal or other surface with high reflection coefficient, the high brightness of the light source on the ceiling is reflected into the line of sight, and the discomfort glare or the disability glare can be formed. At the same time, it can also cause people to spread and worry about emotions.

In lighting design to eliminate these harmful reflection should do the following:

1 arrange the relative position between the lamp and the worktable. Although this is difficult to achieve in the actual design, but as long as possible should be arranged as far as possible, so that there is no harmful reflection in the normal position. In the office or classroom, this harmful reflex is a fairly common phenomenon. The best way is to make the cloth placed in the table between the two rows of lamps, not in a row of lamps are under the. Strip lamps shall be parallel to the side of the table. If the table will inevitably be arranged in just below the lamp, the lamp should choose the bat wing light, the main light shot down from the lamp on the table respectively to both sides of reflection, instead of facing the staff's eye reflex.

In the use of a regular arrangement of desks in the office or classroom, the table on the left side of the window should rely on the wall, the construction of lighting engineering with the long strip lamps should be parallel with the side wall. For desks with irregular desks, there is often a slight change in the direction of the table position that effectively reduces the harmful reflections.

2 increase the illumination of working face with local illumination. When the above method is not possible to reduce or eliminate the harmful reflection, it is necessary to increase the local lighting, with the work surface to improve the way to compensate for the harmful effects of visual damage caused by reflection. Of course, the increase in local illuminance is not equal to the original lighting lamps, lighting and lighting lamps and the shape, position absolutely keep the original situation, just change the bulb power, because it is not possible. If the 15W bulb replaced by 150W, the shape of the filament on the lighting design, it has been deformed, not to mention the location of the lamps and so on will change. Therefore, it can eliminate harmful reflex. For example, the use of movable lamps on the drawing board, the installation of small local lighting inside the instrument glass shell, are in this category.

The amount of illumination in the local lighting should be increased to compensate for the damage caused by the harmful reflection, and the numerical value is given in the practical regulations for indoor illumination and visual environment in australia. This value is expressed by the ratio of the illuminance on the working surface to the brightness of the light source used. The relationship between the type of working face and the minimum illuminance ratio (E / L) in Australia is given.

The brightness mentioned here refers to the maximum luminance value below the lamp or the maximum brightness of the other surface reflected in the working area, rather than the average brightness value determined by the glare limit curve.

3 limit the brightness of the light source. If the light reflection is very serious, and the above method can not be used, may wish to adopt the decrease of brightness of screen reflection light source, the brightness of light source illumination and the work surface of the requirements. The utility model can reduce the brightness of the light source, and can be used to block the inappropriate light from the light source.

4 avoid shiny surfaces. In order to reduce the harmful reflection, indoor office supplies or furniture should be non shiny material, especially the dark surface can not be shiny. Because it can clearly reflect the ceiling of the light source and other bright objects.

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