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Lighting requirements for visual work environments

1 in the lighting design, attention should be paid to the visual environment of the illumination distribution.

2 in line with sight 15. The surface that can be seen in the range of angles is called a direct visual working environment. The direct visual working environment and visual working environment of the actual size and shape and size and shape of the parts, and the eyes of the viewer to the distance, and with eyes toward the workpiece surface (near or far distance from the background to the background).

In the 3 general lighting design, when visual working may appear in any position of the house when the occasion, to provide lighting should keep away from the wall (50cm school classroom is 3Ocm), the illuminance or slightly greater than the value of the whole room is not less than the average illuminance uniformity (70 E / intestinal. E, are 0.70). When there is a need to consider not only a work surface, this requirement should be applied to the highest working face or the main working face, because the lower working face than the height of the work surface is easy to achieve uniformity requirements. When visual working is fixed in a line or a specific location specific (table or line), from the position of the work or a line of work at about 50m illumination should not be illuminance value of 70 is lower than the national standard provisions of intestine.

4 in the use of general lighting and local lighting common mode of illumination, in addition to the special requirements of the light of the independent site, the average illuminance of the whole room should not be less than the national standard for the illumination value. There should be no obvious boundary between the high illumination area and the surrounding environment, and it should be gradually dissolved in the illuminance of the general illumination in order to prevent the excessive visual brightness difference between the target and the background.

5 the use of general lighting adjacent work place, should avoid the illumination between the two have obvious differences, the difference is best not more than 10: 1. This principle should be taken care of when a staff member enters a corridor, stair, or other potentially hazardous place from a high - intensity work room. This is even more important when it comes to fast moving places, such as moving from a bright road into a dark parking lot during the day. Near the entrance of the building, such as the lobby, corridors and staircases, due to the bright outdoor day, so the day than night, the need for high illumination. This high level of illumination can be met by artificial lighting or by introducing outdoor natural light. When using natural light, measures should be taken to ensure that natural light does not produce glare and discomfort glare.

6 according to the requirements of visual characteristics, the working environment should be slightly lower than the brightness of the target itself. If the background brightness of the working target is higher than the brightness of the working target, or the work background includes a very high brightness source, the visibility of the detail of the working target boundary will be weakened. In addition to the impact of visibility, the target and the environment between the excessive brightness difference will make the eye fatigue.

7 in order to attract and maintain attention to an important workplace, local lighting is often used. The use of local lighting should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of glare restrictions, shielding the high brightness of the bulb.

8 for the place where the spirit of work needs to be focused for a long time, the lighting design should try to eliminate the spiritual dispersion caused by the environment. When the target is small and keep close to the eye, the appropriate block work behind various brightness and complex shape of the background surface provides a dull and refreshing background, or provide a can improve the contrast of the background, to improve visual effect, improve work efficiency, reduce visual fatigue is of great benefit. At least in the immediate visual environment there is no obvious visual detail of the interference factors. This is because in the prescribed visual range, if there are easily attracted attention to the interference factors can greatly increase visual fatigue. If there is a bright light source in this environment, it is also a distraction, which interferes with the work and should be avoided.

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