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Several lighting methods often used in lighting design

1 general lighting

There is no special requirement for the local area in a room, only the lighting of the whole place is required for the general illumination. When the indoor work is not fixed or is not suitable for the place where the lighting is installed in the local place, the general lighting should also be set. Generally, lighting design is generally referred to as the lighting design. This kind of lighting is often used in the whole room to a regular arrangement of lamps to produce a uniform illumination.

2 local lighting

The lighting provided by one or a group of lamps for a particular part of the work. In the place where the illumination requirements are high or the visual work objectives require special lighting, the local lighting is often required. This kind of lighting is very small for the illumination of the general illumination, so it is often used in combination with the general lighting. Local lighting is not allowed in the workplace.

3 partition

General lighting in a larger work or activities, the need to provide different illumination places and the whole room general lighting in one area when the place is called general lighting in general lighting division. The location of the general lighting is often higher than that of the whole place.

4 diffuse lighting (floodlight)

With one or more large area light source, but also can be used in many directions from a small number of light sources to illuminate, so that the target will not be a strong lighting shadow, which is called diffuse lighting. Diffuse lighting soft light, often used in the visual environment requirements of high places.

5 directional lighting

The light came mainly from a particular direction, which is the goal of lighting produced a strong shadow in the rear by the first, the lighting is called directional lighting, directional lighting applications often have special requirements on the illumination direction in the visual target location. Some data also include indirect lighting, semi indirect lighting, general diffuse lighting and semi direct lighting. This classification is derived from the CIE light flux classification.

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