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General understanding of spectral luminous efficiency curve

People's eyes can perceive visible light radiation energy. However, the visible spectrum of each segment of the light radiation on the role of the eye in the end what is the difference? In other words, what is the difference in the response sensitivity of the eye to different wavelengths in the visible spectrum? This difference is the basis of various photometric and colorimetric quantities in lighting technology. We show that the spectral response of the eye to different wavelengths of visible light is represented by a curve, which is known as the spectral luminous efficiency curve or the spectral viewing function curve. This curve is obtained experimentally.

We know that one end of the electromagnetic wave is radio waves, the wavelength from the child to tens of kilometers, and the other end is two rays and Ya ray, etc., its wavelength is very short, below 10 -10m. Light waves take up only a small portion of the entire electromagnetic wave and fall among them. If we can measure the wavelength range of visible radiation (light wave) with the visible of the human eye, this range can not be determined. Because the human eye response to the same wavelength of radiation is slightly different between each person, this difference is known as individual differences. Usually, the lower limit of the wavelength range of light is 380 - 400nm, and the upper limit is taken from 760 to 780nm. In the range of the visible radiation, people can distinguish red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and other colors with the wavelength, see figure 1.1.1. It is a rough way to divide the color into seven segments. In fact, the color of the light is a continuous transition from one color to another in the whole range of the visible spectrum. For example, yellow and green in the middle contains numerous yellow green. The number of colors is infinite, the human eye can distinguish between more than and 100 different colors.

In a light source with a variety of spectral components, if one part is particularly significant, a significant color is present. A certain proportion of the monochromatic light can be synthesized white light or no light, the sun is no light. The mixture of light and color is completely different. As we all know, a certain proportion of the sum of all kinds of pigments, not white, and black, lighting design and electrical design in the theoretical basis of the advantages.

Although in the visible spectral region, which can distinguish the different wavelengths of light have different colors, but the sensitivity of human eye to light of different colors are different, that is to say, the human eye to the same energy, different wavelengths of light and feel the bright degree is also different. For example, a red light and a green light, when they radiate the same amount of radiation, people will feel green much brighter than red.

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