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The nature of light in lighting

The word "light", which is different from one's understanding, has a very broad, purely physical meaning, and it refers to all forms of radiant energy in physics. So in physics it is called the theory of light that is called the theory of light".

We think of the light, or rather, the light, which is caused by light stimulation to the eye. In fact, not all radiation energy can cause this kind of feeling, but only a part of the whole spectrum (visible part) can cause this feeling. Therefore, in many cases, what people call "light" or "bright", that is, the visible spectrum of the radiation energy, that is caused by people's perception of the part of the radiation energy. In this case, the infrared and ultraviolet radiation and other than that, it is not a "light, the scope of the. However, this is the effect of the visible part of the human eye on the radiation energy, its effect is also different. Because of the different wavelengths of the visible spectrum, the visual sense of visual organ is different. Some of the spectrum of the role of strong, so that people have a clear sense of vision, some of the spectrum of the role of the visual organ is very weak, almost people can not perceive or rarely aware of. So people say that to see the light, but also in-depth study of the effect of different bands of visible light.

People say "light" or "light", that is, people have a strong enough light feeling. And people say the dark, that is not to cause this feeling or feel too weak. For the blind, that is to say, the loss of vision, no matter how strong the light, can not cause visual sensation, lighting is meaningless to him. On the contrary, a man with excellent eyes can see nothing in complete darkness, where there is no light. So it can be said that light is a certain type and quantity of radiant energy that can act on a healthy visual organ. People say that the "light" contains three meanings, one is visible light, the two is a good visual organ; the three is the role of the two senses.

A certain amount of light and a variety of light, can cause people to enrich the visual sense of light and color. These light and color can make people see the shape, size, color and position of the surrounding objects, so that people can effectively judge their own position, and master their own movement and role.

In the understanding of nature and the transformation of nature, vision plays an important role in the sense of hearing, smell, touch and taste. Of course, all other sensory organs are useful and necessary. However, its function is not visual, because visual information is very wide and far, for example, observed the sky with the eyes, of molecules and atoms and its structure. It is in any other sense organs are unmatched. The information gathered by people and the outside world, there are 87 intestines from the visual, and the most basic condition is light.

So what do people see, sometimes they can't see? Why sometimes it is easy to see and sometimes it is difficult to see? This is the result of the eye and light. First, the light from the object to reach the state of the eye in the process, the two is the ability to receive light normal eyes. The task of lighting technician is to study the above problems and create a good environment for people.

We are talking about the various concepts of light, but also reveals the role of light in the observation of the objective world, the understanding of the universe, then what is the nature of light? What is the nature of light?

Light can be felt by the eyes. From the point of view of dialectical materialism, the feeling is a reflection of the objective material or phenomenon. The first is the material, not the feeling, the material is the source of the feeling, the material is the first, the feeling is second. Without exception, light is a substance. Because of the existence and movement of light and acting on the visual organ, it can cause visual sensation. "Light" as a matter of existence, has a particle, "light" as a state of motion, with volatility. The particles of light are the smallest units of light, called photons. Photons are small, a single photon is hard to see, and we usually see a collection of photons. Light waves are also part of the electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic radiation waves that can cause visual perception, which can radiate or travel from the source, so sometimes it is called light radiation.

In a word, light is a kind of electromagnetic radiation energy which can cause visual sensation. Any phenomenon of light can be explained by particle and wave.

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