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London commercial street landscape lighting

London's AUX Ford street is a commercial street shops row upon row of. In the second half of eighteenth Century, the climax of the development, which was originally built as a residential area, until the end of the nineteenth Century has gradually evolved into a real commercial street, has a long history. This is the equivalent of a busy street in Tokyo, Ginza, but in this investigation, it is seen on the streets of people mixed cars, and narrow roads. The average width of the road is only 4/5 of Ginza, or about 20 meters. According to the 1972 adoption of the "Tree Lined paradise" act, street traffic should follow the "pedestrian priority" principle, which will make the lane lighting project becomes more narrow. When the delegation arrived here, just to catch up with christmas. Crowds of people in the streets, if the streets of the crowd gathered in the streets of London is not the most exaggerated. Narrow lanes are also jammed with vehicles. In this investigation, in order to be able to reach every corner of the street, we had to bring two folding bicycles. But the bike can only go bike lanes, otherwise it would have to feel alarmed in between the double decker bus through, there is always a feeling will be holding. Therefore, we have to be tied to the tree on the street, walk away.

Sidewalk with Japan's busy streets, the shop side lighting design lighting is very bright. The difference is that you can not see the neon lights and light box logo. Although there are a number of building decoration factory outline lights, but constitute the basic elements of the night landscape lighting or light emitted from the window. An interval of 25 meters without the central Lane lighting device, light bulbs with more than can vaguely distinguish Lane Street building facade shape is like by what restrictions, a 6 point night, almost all shops are best off. But the people at the windows and lights have been lit at night. Benefit from this, the streets of the brightness and the atmosphere does not seem to be too much impact. Interior decoration is no business of the store, will also add Menlian of Christmas decorations and lights. Although the road is not wide, but the road is only 40 lux illumination, even Lane lighting also rely mainly on the shop lights to maintain.

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