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London night lighting design

This is also in line with the requirements of the tourist attractions, but with the front of the AUX Ford street is different. In the middle of the lane and sidewalk stood a chic lamp post. In order to supplement the brightness of the road between the two upright posts, a bracket type lighting fixture is arranged on the outer wall of the building along the street. The installation of bracket lamp is not fixed, it is because the installation of lamps is basically a kind of civil behavior, of course, does not rule out the coordination of the role of the government. Lighting from the design of the light source, it does not force - cause. Both the white light of the mercury lamp, but also efficient sodium lamp. The use of two light sources, so that the overall color becomes more harmonious, which may be complementary results. However, one of the main colors or mercury light, very beautiful.

The Riverside Scene

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