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Landscape lighting in Barcelona and Madrid

City structure

The scale of today's cities in Barcelona has gone through three stages. If you open the map and take a look at it, the three - story structure will be clear.

The first stage is the central part of the old block, the streets are narrow, the streets of dense and ancient buildings, the construction of the age from about fourteenth Century to complete in nineteenth Century.

The second phase began in the second half of the nineteenth Century, the old neighborhood outside that extended 133.3 meters, draw a circle, the construction of the expansion block.

The third stage of the renovation of the road, and the expansion of the area outside the villages and towns also delimit the administrative area of Barcelona, until now.

Road and sidewalk

Walk in the streets of the Spanish city, you will really feel the night around is for pedestrians to watch. The distribution density of the landscape is suitable for pedestrian's visual field height and walking speed. On the other hand, if driving in the street, there will be a corresponding landscape pleasing to the eye. Drivers to see the streets of the night, is a simple and easy to understand, full of personality logo landscape. Prior to this, the modern urban construction in order to meet the needs of the traffic function, the driver will always be given priority to consider the use of pedestrian street and the separation of people and vehicles Road, or later. At the same time, according to the needs of pedestrians, the configuration of the human body with a high degree of adaptability to the logo, benches, lighting design and street lamps and other street facilities. Whether a city can provide a comfortable and convenient way for pedestrians is one of the standards to measure the level of city planning. However, in urban life, unless very few people have never been in a car, for the average person, the road and the sidewalk in the same importance, must be placed in the same position to consider. Spain's cities can meet the demands of motorists and pedestrians on the street lighting, and unified with the surrounding landscape. With the changes of the times, the new lighting technology has been introduced into Spain, so that the original streets have also formed a driver and pedestrians can enjoy the beautiful landscape.

City lights

The distribution in the city space landscape if excessively balanced, will cause people in hanging state. It is as if a person is always in the same place, and not sure where to go. In the process of city construction and development, is to rely on intuition or by planning, we aside, but at least there is a certain purpose, and to achieve these objectives and identify several landmark buildings or other facilities, such as towers, sculpture, architectural features, squares and streets etc.. In the middle ages, the square and the streets built in modern times and modern times. The wide and long streets, as the axis of perspective, established the status of the city symbol. Moreover, in order to make the representation of the city symbol become stronger, and the road (line) and sculpture (points) combined. In the middle of the road, there is nothing to look at, but the earth is just a beautiful line of perspective, and the line is a sculpture or a memorial facility.

Similar to this point and line in the form of street landscape, in addition to Spain's lighting engineering in Barcelona and Madrid lighting project. A typical example is the perfect combination between Paris and Triumphal Arch elysees. Triumphal Arch can be seen in any section of the street. Triumphal Arch is the symbol of Paris, it is ready for the Triumphal Arch Elysees bedding. Like this by the point and line to show the Western practices, in Japan can also find some successful examples, such as the combination of Tokyo Castle Peak painting and Ginkgo street. In order to highlight the perspective of the perspective of the museum, the more the higher the ginkgo tree, painting museum is built in the middle of the road at the end. At night, when the beautiful lights turned on the pavement, it became more attractive.

Dreamy Barcelona night lighting

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