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Several energy saving methods in lighting design

1 light faction, the high efficiency of lighting

The technology has been relatively mature light source, but also to gradually change its power from the power to the luminous flux conversion efficiency. For example, with a high frequency lighting fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps to improve, while trying to use a thin tube, HID lamp with ceramic discharge tube, etc..

Optimization of switching circuit and control system of 2 lamps

Energy saving lighting method is to avoid the loss of too much power and light. Check the lighting used in various periods and regions, from the lighting, lighting the lamp light distribution, lighting control circuit and dimming control system, light utilization rate and the combination of various sensors and many other considerations, can be predicted that in the near future energy-saving lighting aspects will use information technology. Outdoor lighting, by limiting the brightness of the upper part of the street lamp, street light, and constantly improve the utilization of luminous flux while reducing glare, thereby improving visual conditions.

3 lighting equipment maintenance and management of good equipment for a long time its performance will change. The light attenuation of the light source, the shortening of the life and the change of the light color, as well as the illumination and the indoor pollution will cause the loss of the luminous flux. Therefore, the effective life of the light source, the replacement period of the lamp and the lamp cleaning interval should be clearly recorded in the design.

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