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How to deal with the relationship between lighting and environmental protection

Human civilization in the development of the environment caused by the deterioration of the earth, people say that twenty-first Century is the era of environmental protection technology. The concentration of carbon dioxide caused by the greenhouse effect on the earth increased, currently being discussed from raw materials to start the lighting industry of machinery and equipment, product, construction, use and disposal of each link, have method to evaluate the amount of carbon dioxide in the use of energy.

Effective use of energy, extend the life of lighting equipment, saving resources, these are the necessary technical means to prevent the deterioration of the earth's environment, but also placed in front of the relevant technical personnel lighting problems. To sum up, in order to give full play to the role of lighting, the effect must be a deep understanding of the characteristics of human beings, on the basis of the lighting environment in line with the requirements of the planning, design, construction and use.

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