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Toronto, Ontario Museum of art lighting art appreciation

Ontario Museum of Art (AGO) is the tenth largest art museum in North America, was founded in 1900, AGO has an area of about 486000 square feet (about 45150.88m2), a total of about $25000. As a multi-functional organization and integrated activities place, AGO oriented audience is very extensive, it is not only the preservation of Ontario permanent collection, but also an educational organization. The new Ontario art museum is the first building in Gehry, which was born in Frank Gary, Frank, in Toronto, where he linked art and architecture to make it a landmark. His design by stimulating new ways of linking city and art galleries, including dramatic sculptural staircase, warm Douglas fir, and the use of a large amount of glass into the natural light of. This is an outstanding new home for the outstanding works of art. Lighting design firm L'Observatoire from the United States, the use of Intemational lighting equipment, increasing the level of existing lighting Museum, but also highlights the important architectural features. In the public space, using hidden under the lamp lighting / focus lighting are arranged in a random "Star" effect, the main building elements using linear indirect wall lighting, such as population, rotating stairs, wall decoration etc.. In the exhibition hall, "energy bar" rail lighting equipment makes the exhibition lighting very flexible. These "energy sticks" are free to move on the ceiling to meet the needs of the exhibition. The facade of a large number of applications of the glass curtain wall, a lot of natural light during the day, filling the entire building, the new glass roof will lead natural light in the center of the building, but also to allow visitors to watch from the interior to the surrounding city landscape. The night indoor light through the transparent glass curtain wall in natural penetration, so that construction exudes the friendly atmosphere, the flexural component parts of the exterior is used uplights lighting, the facade of text with external lighting.

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