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Art appreciation of the Islamic Art Museum

Doha Museum of Islamic art exhibition with the Qatari royal family Nez (AI Thanis) during the past several decades of Islamic art. Access to the museum requires two bridges, you can walk or drive. The main bridge of the population of the month to do a large number of granite stone decoration, but also a lamp, including a glass cube, each body is equipped with 4 compact fluorescent lamp. 2 rows of palm trees lead the way to the museum island. Under the palm of each tree is installed a light source for 70W ceramic gold halogen buried lights. The artificial river consists of 12 small dams, each of which is illuminated by 3 underwater lamps equipped with a low pressure halogen source. The compact fluorescent lamps in the granite block and the buried lights under the palm trees are the only ones on the bridge. Designers want to keep some of the natural light in the building at night. Since the museum is basically a small island, lamps must be installed under water. While the lower elevation contains many windows or openings, in order to avoid the glare of the night on the construction of the user, the designer decided to install in the sand close to the lamp post, on which the installation of a pair of 250W metal halide wall lamp. The upper part of the facade is washed up with a ceramic metal halide lamp. The lamp is provided with a scattering lens made of frosted glass, a wide beam reflector and an anti glare, which is used for uniformly cleaning the facade to achieve a similar effect with the daytime. You can also reach the new museum by water. On the west side of the island, there is a pier, and visitors from the boat can come up from here. The top of the 2 tall pillars of 28m, with a diameter of 4m, was in the dock. The lower surface of the metal plate contains an inclined mirror, and the light of the 4 1OOOW metal halide lamps is reflected to the predetermined direction by the light. The interior design is centered around the atrium, including 4 layers of flexible layout of multi function hall space and a hotel. An annular lamp is suspended at the height of 8m, and the lampshade is made of stainless steel with an Islamic decoration, which is internally equipped with a xenon lamp, which will be replaced by LED for maintenance reasons. The upper half of the hole in the upper half of the natural light through the top of the dry window penetrated the facade of the dome from the four sides, through the balance of light and shadow for the interior space of the skin to bring a wonderful three-dimensional texture. A large shovel shaped element on top of the frame is mounted on a metal frame with a metal halide lamp lit up at a suitable angle. A lamp is arranged below the window hole of the vault. The metal halide light uplights with 400W, under the lamps equipped with 3 lamps with narrow beam reflector 70W ceramic metal halide light source. The exhibition space is occupied by 3 layers, with a row of 2 rows of optical fiber lamps mounted on the ceiling of the display cabinet earthwork, with a continuous 50lx level to illuminate the exhibits. In order to better control the light and avoid the reflection of light on the glass, the spotlight with a tapered lampshade can be accurately focused. The exhibition hall has another effect: installed in the ceiling lamp and the lamp shines on the art most consistent point of view, the light on the wall, the spot is established between spatial objects in contact and make the room look brighter than the actual.

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